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"This was our second visit to Patagonia fly fishing lodge. Every inch of the lodge is beautifully presented. Gustavo, the head guy, greeted us with hot tea (it was raining when we arrived) and made us feel at home. The views, the décor, the roses, the river are stunning. And the food! Chef judi presented exciting and unusual meals that were beautiful to eat and beautiful to see. Also, they were appropriately sized so we didn't feel overwhelmed by the quantity. This review will not address the fishing, but if you look at the Gallery in the Patagonia fly fishing lodge website, you'll get an idea of ​​the quality of the fishery. We were spoiled and we loved every minute of it!"

Leslie S.
Helena, MT

"An AMAZING place!! A must visit in Patagonia
We spent 4 nights with my family and other friend families. The place is amazing, right in front of the Futaleufu River. It was our first time fly fishing and the lodge supported us with lots of instructors, equipment and boats! The staff is excellent and always taking care of us in every detail, you feel like you have a personal butler. The food was great and the chef prepared different dishes that had to do with the Patagonian flavors. The lobby has wonderful areas with a large fireplace where you can spend hours in front of it. The rooms are very large and comfortable, all of them with views of the river. Whether you like fishing or not, you have to visit this amazing hidden place. Many activities can be done besides fishing. We will definitely return."

Buenos aires, Ar

​"Simply stunning - in every way!
We arrived after a full day trip along very dusty Argentinian roads to be told that the jacuzzi had been cleaned and heated, just for us! - There were no other guests at the Lodge for our two day stay. This probably summed up the experience, everything was thought out with the customer in mind. Neither of us have fly fished before, so although we didn't arrive until the evening, a guide was found for us the next day. The day of fishing along with the training was excellent, it's hard to imagine a more perfect place to learn. The food was prepared according to our preferences by the young chef and served to perfection by the waitress. This Lodge totally lived up to our expectations and beyond. precious."

bern, Switz

An oasis in an Oasis!
The lodge was terrific. Spectacular setting, wonderful staff, very restful.
Although it is a bit of a hike for two city slickers from Manhattan, New York (who don't fly fish) the setting more than makes up for it as does the attention and service we received during our entire stay. It made for a very special visit which we will remember always! The setting is something out of a movie or National Geographic --- just stunning! Fly fishers must feel like they are in heaven when visiting Patagonia Fly fishing lodge. I wish them all the success that they deserve!

New York, ny